Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Moving on

There's a new blog for a new Kabaret, and for everything Filmoniky in the future. You may now find us at Filmonik dot Wordpress dot Com. Don't expect it to be pretty just yet, but it will be functional!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Doctor, doctor!

For my first film ever, and the only film of mine in the kabaret, I decided on a musical. Ambitious - yes. Achievable - most definitely. Backed by one of the most incredible teams available, we produced something outstanding. To see it you'll need to come to the Ruby Lounge on Sunday at 7:30pm. Here are a few snaps.
To the left you'll see Alex Walsh, our director, briefing us on what he hopes to achieve. The dashing fellow in the centre is our oh-so suave and dashing Doctor, Rick Hollingworth.

Phil, who was producing, came in to suit up Rick and made some brief notes on the script.

This is a shot of us on set. In the back of the shot, you'll see our high-tech horizontal doctor motion enabler. It comes into action during our song.

As the saying goes, "you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps". Liam Harvey takes this one step further by being the Kabaret 09 nutcase. Did a fantastic job though.

Here Rick shows his dedication by spending time with his patients. The dashing fellow on the left is my boyfriend. He turned up on the morning to visit me. Being one extra down, I dragged him into the film. Fortunately for us, he did a very good job as our patient.

The final edit of the film is done and it's looking to be a musical extravaganza of epic proportions. If you come for no other reason than to see this, it'll be worth it!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

What happens when a camera breaks with all your footage inside?


Blogger's being weird, hence the photobucket post.

Featured in this educational video - Alex Walsh, Mat Johns, McDave and my voice.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Six Hats!

You can't be unhappy if you're wearing six hats.

Launch Party

This is up very late, but better now than never.

When we launched at Odder on Sunday night, I went around grabbing people with the authority that only a blogger with a camera in a bar can muster and got them to tell me a bit about who they were and what they were doing.

Thanks to McDave for writing five minutes and 12 seconds of music exactly so that I could use around 30 seconds of it.

Second Day at Filmonik's Kabaret!

Here's just a few quick pictures from today's hard working people at Filmonik's Kabaret base!

Monday, 16 March 2009

One Day Shooting With Mr Johns

So I'm not an actor but that doesn't stop Mat Johns putting me in movies, normally ones where I die or get run over or something, because he knows where I live and can hound me until I say yes.

Today we did the shooting for his film for tomorrow night's screening, working title "Homeless".  This involved, for some reason, lots of sitting on a roof while dressed like a hobo.  It also went, as these things are wont to do whenever The Johns is involved, to a very dark place.  Something for you all to look forward to tomorrow.  Bring your mum.  Phone Jamie's mum and get her to come along.  It'll be a giggle!

And yes, there's drug use in the film.  Making it illegal in Australia, I think.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

1st Day

Post and run! Couple of photos from the hard-working Kinoites in the lab. Will blog the launch for the vast number of readers tonight!

Opening Meeting

Well, this took FAR longer than it should have done.  Remember people, the "save project" button is very very important.  But I was determined to have something videoesque on this blog tonight and so here it is!  The sound's a bit ropey but all you bastards should have spoken louder, frankly.  Music by Gogol Bordello.  I would have credited them on the video itself but, y'know, 4am, can't be arsed.

I think this video sums up the theme of the meeting - a room stuffed full of people slowly edging away from Mat and Steve talk about how they could out-atrocity each other!

I'm going to try and get some sleep now.  Hah!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Getting ready

The secret command centre/kino lab is starting to come together. It's full of macs and cables and cameras and lights and other technical jiggery pokery. Information packs are being stapled, passes are being laminated, people are buying things that we've forgotten, and all the requisite driving around is being done. Mat just came in to announce he'd traded Goz for a barrel of Horse Tranquilizer, so the plan to make everyone's films turn into Fear and Loathing tributes is going according to plan, oh yes.

Since nothing else here is actually very interesting and I'm just holding the fort while Goz, Steve and Mat are gone picking up a carload of lights, you get some eye candy - one of our early-arriving actresses helping out with Action Stapling Skills! Not pictured - the Krispy Kreme donuts we've hidden from the rest of them. Bwahaha. Living the life of crime!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Some information for Kabaret Attendees


The first meeting is on Saturday 14th of March at 7pm at our secret hideout in the Northern Quarter. We appreciate that some of you may not be able to make this, in which case we hope to see you Sunday morning, or whenever you told us you'll be available to meet.

Could you please confirm your attendance at this meeting or otherwise by email at: If you don't already know where the secret hideout is, let us know and we'll tell you!

At this first meeting we'll will give you a chance to discuss and planning the films you're going to make.

The schedule you'll follow between the morning of Sunday 15th March till Sunday 22nd March will be largely your own, depending on the requirements of your films and when you plan to shoot and edit.

You'll be able to stay at the Kinolab as late as you need whilst you're working on your films. But one of the Filmonik team will need to be in the room at all times, so please consider our sleep requirements when planning your late night editing!


There will be meetings every morning at 9:30am at the Kinolab. These meetings are for you to discuss the requirements of your film - locations, actors, and equipment - that other people may be able to help you with.


We are joining forces with Mini Cine to launch this year’s Kabaret on Sunday 15th March at 7.30pm at Odder. If you have never been to a Filmonik screening or done a Kabaret this is your chance to get an idea what can be made in two/three days and to give a you flavor of what we are all about. It should be fun it’s another chance to spark some ideas for this years Kabaret before the hard work really starts!

What is the Filmonik Kabaret?

Just a quick bit of back ground info on the Kabaret...

To energise the filmmakers of the North West (and beyond!), to draw out eccentric new talent, to generally slap everyone back into shape, Filmonik are having a Kabaret. Those of you who lived through the earlier ones will have some idea what to expect, those of you new to this are in for a wake-up call. This is cinematic bootcamp. Over a week of flat out, peddle-to-the-metal 24/7 filmmaking, where fortune favours the brave, the quick-witted and the fast-working, where only the strong survive and the crazy obsessives flourish. If you’ve always dreamed of making “that little movie”, if only you had the time / talent / equipment, now is your chance to watch that dream crash and burn, and see something else come stumbling from the ashes.

Check out the Filmonik Website for more details.

Get in touch, make a film, blog it here, see you at the kabaret!